wells national estuarine research reserve

Maps and data for southern Maine’s conservation community.

GIS Center

The Wells Reserve Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Center offers maps and mapping services, GIS and GPS trainings, coastal training workshops, and data sets needed to advance community-based conservation across southern Maine. The GIS Center also assists with scientific research and facilitates efforts to restore degraded habitats.

The Wells Reserve has produced hundreds of maps at the request of resource managers, citizens, scientists, students, and other coastal decision-makers throughout southern Maine. These maps commonly incorporate:

  • parcel boundaries
  • aerial photography
  • satellite imagery
  • conserved lands
  • rare wildlife and plant occurrence data

(Data shared for conservation planning are often not generally available to the public. Please contact the GIS Center concerning specific restrictions on the use of data.)

Learn more about GIS services
Contact Sue Bickford at 207-646-1555 ext 120.

Map produced in the Wells Reserve GIS Center for a collaborating conservation organization.

Data Visualization

Several tools are available for mapping and data visualization. The tools recommended by the Wells Reserve GIS Center are described on the SWIM website.