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First Flights

July 29, 2014 By Sierra Frisbie Filed under Article Tags: butterfliesfaunasummer camps

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The campers match up the names and numbers of the butterfliesIt’s not every day you meet a butterfly named Sargent Buck. Similarly, it isn’t too common to come across a butterfly named Colonel Adams. However, if you should happen to visit the Wells Reserve in the next few days, you might just get the chance.

Last Monday, Kate brought in 26 Painted Lady chrysalises, which were pinned to the top of a small netted enclosure and left to hatch in the Teaching Lab. Though not explicitly related to the theme, the butterflies became an integral and exciting part of last week’s Seashore Sleuths camp. That day, we ogled as the chrysalises shook in anticipation of their next transformation.

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Happy campersWhat are people saying about the camp programs at the Wells Reserve? Following is a sampling of testimonials from the parents and grandparents of past campers:

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