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The spring field season has begun with a 10-week study on migratory fish in the York River. We are collecting data for the Wild and Scenic Study Committee by using fyke nets to sample fish every day.

Rainbow Smelt in the hand. Caught in the York River in early April 2017.We started work in the beginning of April and in the first three weeks caught 2,598 fish, of which 1,228 were spawning rainbow smelt. We recorded the length, weight, and sex of each smelt caught, finding the average fish to be 6.1 inches long and weighing about 1 ounce. More than 87 percent of our catch was male. Males usually arrive first at spawning sites and wait for females. They can also travel up river to spawn more than once during the spawning cycle, while females will swim upstream and spawn in one high tide event.

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Spring Fish Work Goes Swimmingly

April 28, 2016 By Amelie Jensen Filed under Article Tags: fishfish passagefishingkennebunk rivermousam riverrainbow smelt

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 For the past five weeks, our research staff have been out fishing in the rivers of southern Maine to provide up-to-date information on species with the greatest need for conservation. We have been fortunate to have the help of some dedicated community volunteers and members of the Sebago Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  This is the earliest we’ve been fishing in recent years and the catch has been diverse and exciting!

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