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The Wrack is our collective logbook on the web. Here you will find hundreds of articles on myriad topics, all tied to these two thousand acres of protected coastal land and the yesteryear cluster that lends them identity.

Why "The Wrack"? In its cycles of ebb and flow, the sea transports a melange of weed, shell, bone, feather, wood, rope, and trash from place to place, then deposits it at the furthest reach of spent surf. This former flotsam is full of interesting stuff for anybody who cares to kneel and take a look. Now and then, the line of wrack reveals a treasure.

To Mother

May 13, 2017 By Nik Charov Filed under Article Tags: faunatwo worlds

Mentioned Suzanne Kahn Caryn Beiter

Meet SpikeThe following was published in the Biddeford-Saco Journal Tribune Sunday edition, 5/14/2017, and Making It At Home's 5/17/2017 issue.

When the Wells Reserve at Laudholm’s education director Suzanne Kahn pried open the attic door in her office to investigate some strange noises, she expected to find red squirrels.

Instead, a large raccoon greeted her with a warning growl.

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Unexpected Farmhouse Visitors

May 5, 2017 By Suzanne Kahn Filed under Article Tags: raccoonwildlife

Mentioned Caryn Beiter

Just before Earth Day arrived this year, I heard the cries of some sort of furry critters coming from the attic crawl space off of my office in the farmhouse. When I opened the door to investigate, I expected to see red squirrels but was instead treated to the sight of a large and beautiful mama raccoon! The cries I heard were cries of a nest full of raccoon cubs out of sight behind her. She let out a deep warning of a moan when she saw me, so I quickly closed the door and got on the phone. My mission was to find a way to get the raccoon family out of the farmhouse humanely and alive.

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We're just about out of "heating season" but we already know that our small investment in window inserts has been beneficial. The inserts helped seal up leaky old windows in the Laudholm farmhouse, cutting down on chilly indoor breezes and adding a layer of insulating air to reduce our fuel consumption.

WindowDressers inserts made such a noticeable difference here that we're inspired to help you save money and stay warmer next winter.

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Greater white-fronted goose is the latest entry on the Wells Reserve bird checklist. It's the first addition since last summer's king rail and the first new goose since the barnacle five years ago.

Greater White-fronted Goose illustration adapted from public domain image from Wikimedia CommonsThe goose was first reported on March 20 by Fletcher Missud, a regular here, who submitted the sighting to eBird. Josh Fecteau was quick to follow up and David Doubleday got to the bird before sunset.

Josh posted the rarity to maine-birds on Monday night, so I was out first thing Tuesday. Several more hopefuls stopped by over the next couple of days, with the last eBird report being Nathan Hall's: "Afternoon shimmer made the id difficult but the orange legs of this bird gave it away." I never saw the legs. It took patience to see the bird at all.

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