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Member Testimonials 2012

February 26, 2013 By Scott Richardson Filed under Photo Gallery Tags: testimonials

Member Testimonial: A Gem...Member Testimonial: One of our favorite places...

Member Testimonial: We can't imagine...Member Testimonial: I love it!Member Testimonial: ...a special placeMember Testimonial: I feel a part of your wonderful workMember Testimonial: Thank youMember Testimonial: This donation is made in honor of our family and friends...Member Testimonial: A spectacular place doing much needed work...Member Testimonial: Thank youMember Testimonial: Such a treasureMember Testimonial: We enjoy the occasional tripMember Testimonial: Keep up the good work...Member Testimonial: Thanks for preserving...Member Testimonial: We miss Maine and especially Laudholm Farms...Member Testimonial: Wonderful place to volunteer...Member Testimonial: Thank you...Member Testimonial: Laudholm continues to be a destination...Member Testimonial: Wells Reserve is a jewel...Member Testimonial: Keep up the good work...Member Testimonial: We love coming in the summer...Member Testimonial: We love pumpkinfiddle and the annual craft fair...Member Testimonial: I spend many happy hours on the Reserve...Member Testimonial: Laudholm is such a wonderful part of our lives...

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